9-Day Meditation Retreat w Ayya Medhanandi, June 17-26, 2011

“The Straight Truth”

About Ayya Medhanandi

Her teacher’s death in 1986 was a call to monastic life. She left her career to take her first vows as a Buddhist nun with Sayadaw U Pandita in Myanmar. Then came ten years of training at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery with Ajahn Sumedho as preceptor. Stepping out on her own, she lived as a solitary nun in New Zealand for six years before moving to Penang to continue teaching and leading retreats in the Antipodes, Asia, and the West.

In 2007, she received bhikkhuni ordination and the bodhisattva monastic precepts in Taiwan. Accepting an invitation to return to Canada, in 2008 she established Sati Saraniya Hermitage, the first Canadian monastic residence for Theravada bhikkhunis, located in Perth, Ontario.

In addition to running Hermitage programs and leading retreats, she teaches vipassana meditation courses for Ottawa area Hospice staff and volunteers. She is the author of ‘Gone Forth, Going Beyond’.

WHEN: Friday, June 17th, 7:00pm – Sunday June 26, 1:00pm.

WHERE: The Galilee Centre Arnprior, Ontario

COST FOR THE WHOLE TEN DAYS:  $680 (CDN) ($650 for members of the Ottawa Buddhist Society)

COST FOR WEEKEND ONLY (FRIDAY EVENING, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) $205 (CDN) ($175for members of the Ottawa Buddhist Society)


The Complete Registration Form is in PDF and MS Word formats.

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