Ven. Sumangalo’s Ordination

img_2257I was a witness to Ven. Sumangalo’s ordination last Sunday.  This was the first time I had seen the transition between “lay person” or  “anagarica” to “samanera”.  This was also the first ordination to take place at the Tissarana Buddhist Monastery, and suspect not the last.

As I expected, it was very moving.  Especially the part where Ven. Sumangalo’s parents gave him his “requisites” : a robe and a bowl. It must be difficult in a way, for parents to “give over” their child to a life of monasticism and celibacy.  No grandchildren, for sure!


But to make such a commitment to a life of goodness, kindness and selflessness is a beautiful thing and a beautiful thing to behold!  And parents must see that too, of course.

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