Jack Kornfield tells a story where he was quizzed by someone about what the essence of Buddhist teachings is.  His answer was “the root of suffering is the self”, to which his interlocutor replied “That’s right.  No self, No Problem.”

Here’s a small insight that occurred to me at a morning’s sitting at Norman Feldman’s retreat this week: “Greed, Hatred and Delusion” – the three poisons which cause suffering – in fact all have a common cause: the sense that there is an enduring and separate self.  Freedom from self-view means freedom from greed (wanting), hatred (aversion) and delusion (false belief about the nature of things.)  Clear seeing from a posture of non-duality, non-separateness means being able to see clearly “what is real, what is true.”  Pure awareness is also neither wanting nor averse.

So “No Self, No Problem” seems to be right, doesn’t it?