Living Lightly

One of my Dharma friends used to have the line “Tread lightly on the earth” in his e-mail signature.

It seems to me that an awareness of the impact we have on others — i.e. an awareness of our relationship to the environment — is an essential aspect of a life devoted to harmlessness.  Being mindful of our consumption habits, the effects they have on other people and other species is not separate from the practice of unconditional freedom and enlightenment.

Films such as David Chernushenko’s documentary “Be The Change” — from the Living Lightly Project — are grass-roots attempts at providing a counter balance to all the bad news from such sources as Al Gore and Tim Flannery.  The trailer (below) of David’s film brings me hope that the growing individual awareness of our place in the world will manifest in a collective awakening which may transform our individual and collective sense of “self”.

Tuesday July 29, 7 p.m.
St. Paul University
223 Main Street, Ottawa
Producer-Director David Chernushenko will animate a post-screening discussion.
Entry by donation (suggested amount of $10 or more) to the Living Lightly Project.
For more information about the film and to view the trailer,

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